Custom Subwoofer Enclosure

We used design inspiration from the dash of the vehicle to make a down-firing subwoofer enclosure in the rear hatch area.

The Vision

The color and texture of the Bronco’s dash is unique and we saw an opportunity to replicate this design while upgrading the audio system.

The Process

We built a raised floor subwoofer enclosure that  houses a JL Audio 12TW3 subwoofer as well as a JL Audio VX800/8i amplifier with DSP and a XD300/1v2 amplifier for the subwoofer. The enclosure uses a color scheme and design cues from the vehicle.  We upgraded the speakers in the vehicle with a Focal Expert K2 series 3-way speaker system.

The Timeline

This was a one week build followed by a JL Audio MAX tuning session.

2021 Ford Bronco Outer Banks
Ford Bronco Dash
Tweeters from the Focal Expert K2 3-way system
Custom raised floor subwoofer enclosure
Design based on the dash of the vehicle

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