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Radar Detectors

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Benefits of Radar Detector Installation in Kansas City

Installing a radar detector in your vehicle is one of the simplest things you can do to both increase safety and avoid costly speeding tickets. The purpose of a radar detector is to let you know when other radars, specifically police radars, are in the area by detecting radar waves. The radar detector then sends both an audio and visual warning that a radar wave has been detected, which alerts drivers to slow down.

Put simply, even if they save drivers from just a single speeding ticket (which can cost well over $100 in some cases), radar detectors can be a worthwhile investment.

Backed by an experienced team of technicians, Santa Fe Auto Sound is capable of providing radar detector installation in Kansas City for both personal and commercial vehicles. We tailor each of our installations based on the unique needs of each individual client and ensure a timely installation process. Currently, we offer two different types of radar detectors as part of our custom installation capabilities.

The first is the ESCORT MAX 360 CI, which boasts an advanced detection system that’s designed to seamlessly integrate into any vehicle. Some distinct features include front radar detection and front laser shifters, ensuring that drivers protect themselves from all speed monitoring devices.

The second is the Max 360c, which offers directional alert arrows (front, side-to-side and rear indication) and an expanded range. In addition to its pinpoint precision, the Max 360c also has built-in Bluetooth technology and access to the award-winning ESCORT Live app—which alerts users of radars reported by other users in the area for enhanced protection.

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