Classic Bronco Gets Some Sound

This 1968 Bronco arrived with no speakers or any audio system at all and was ready for great sound.

The Vision

The customer wanted to have Bluetooth control of the audio and be able to have good volume because the Bronco is a loud vehicle.  We assessed the vehicle and found many challenges for speaker locations due to existing barriers, the roll cage, and lack of depth behind certain panels.  It was time to go custom.

The Process

We decided there wasn’t enough depth in the door panels with the manual crank window hardware so we built an addition to the center console using acrylic and cutting it from the laser.  It angles two AudioFrog GS 4-inch component speakers from the front.  Rear AudioFrog GS 6X9 speakers were cut into the side panels for some larger sound. The system is ran from a JL Audio MBT-CRX Bluetooth controller and powered by two Mosconi Pico DSP amplifiers. We have a small sealed enclosure under the back seat for two AudioFrog GS 8-inch subwoofers.

The Timeline

This was a three day build followed by a JL Audio MAX tuning session.

1968 Ford Bronco
1968 Ford Bronco dash
Custom center console speaker mount with Bluetooth controller
AudioFrog GS 6×9 speakers in the rear side panels
AudioFrog GS 8-inch subwoofers in custom enclosure under rear seat
Mosconi Pico DSP amplifiers powering the system. Hidden behind the rear side panel.

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