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Custom Audio Installation 

Full-Spectrum Audio Installation

Santa Fe Auto Sound is Kansas City’s leader in providing audio upgrades with a personal touch. With a personalized approach to each installation, we work with our customers to find unique solutions that enhance the driving experience for a wide range of vehicles. Don’t settle for a “one-size-fits-all” approach that you may find at a big box store. Instead, let our team of experienced, highly trained technicians take care of you!

Santa Fe Auto Sound Services

When you’re ready to make the jump and start the auto installation process, get in touch with our team and visit our shop for your scheduled appointment. There, we’ll go over each of the different steps you can expect during your installation project. Most importantly, we’ll use this time to go in-depth to gain a better understanding of not only your vehicle, but your specific wants and needs.

Some of our installation services include:

Driver’s Aids

Santa Fe Auto Sound technicians are experts at car audio installation, but our expertise doesn’t stop there. We also install just about anything else that will enhance your driving experience. This can include Bluetooth, GPS navigation, radar detectors, remote start, security systems, back-up cameras, and more.

Any Vehicle Installation

Santa Fe Auto Sound can install nearly any audio, video, or driver’s aid equipment into any car, motorcycle, or boat. In fact, we can install audio on just about anything else with an engine!

Custom Car Audio

Custom car audio installations involve working with our technicians to develop high-performing audio equipment tailored to your interests—as well as the vehicle itself.

The main information we’ll need include the primary uses of your car stereo and certain aspects about the car itself. This will include size and space limitations, dash constraints, original equipment integration, and much more depending on the specific vehicle. This ensures that you get the best performance and reliability from your new piece of equipment.

Our Team

Our business isn’t just a fixture in the Kansas City area—our team members are too. A number of our staff members have been with us or within our industry for over a decade. When combined with extensive training, education, and a high standard of service, you get a group of people capable of providing solutions for just about any vehicle. Most importantly, their unrivaled dedication to their craft means that we won’t rest until you’re 100% satisfied.

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Our Products

Santa Fe Auto Sounds offers an expansive selection of audio equipment and electronics for a wide range of vehicles. We’re constantly striving to stay on top of the latest trends and technological advances to ensure reliable, high-performing products for all of our customers. Click the link below to browse our different product offerings!

If you’re not sure where to start or what you need, feel free to contact our team of experts with any questions.

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More About Us

Our roots in the Kansas City area stretch back over 50 years and through multiple generations. A lot has changed since then, but our approach to providing excellent service has not. We’ve adapted and evolved with the times to enhance our ability to provide audio upgrades through our installation, repair, and custom fabrication services.

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