Reference Quality Custom Speaker Installtion

We found that the factory speaker speaker locations were not ideal for the sound quality we envisioned in this project.  We used the AudioFrog GB series speakers as a three way active setup in the doors and custom molded the GB25 mid range speakers into the upper door panel.  GB series 12 inch subwoofers in a custom ported enclosure with a fully trimmed trunk help set this car apart. Five AudioFrog amplifiers power the system and it is controlled through an Audison Bit One Virtuoso DSP.

The Vision

We saw limitations in the factory locations of the front speakers that would restrict the potential sound stage we were hoping for in this vehicle.  We decided that modification of the factory door trim panel and relocation of some switches on the driver side would be the best way to add an additional mid range speaker.

The Process

Building a vehicle with sound quality in mind, we turned the factory 2-way front speaker locations into a 3-way using AudioFrog GB series speakers.  The addition of the the mid range speaker allowed for a better sound stage and created an overall accurate and pleasant listening experience.  The trunk was built out with the five AudioFrog amplifiers to actively run all channels of speakers in the vehicle. Each subwoofer has its own amplifier. The Audison sound processor was tuned with the JL Audio MAX software. The trunk was trimmed out with similar OEM leather as the door panels to tie in the front and back aspects of the vehicle.  Each panel is removable for service, if needed.

The Timeline

The vehicle was built over two weeks.  The tune on the Audison processor has optimal tunes for both the driver side and the passenger side of the vehicle.

2006 Mercedes CLS55 AMG
Kenwood eXcelon Reference High Resolution Head Unit
Audison DRC MP controller for Audison Bit One HD Virtuoso DSP Processor
AudioFrog GB25 speakers custom mounted into door panel
AudioFrog GB25 speakers custom mounted into door panel
AudioFrog GB12D4 subwoofers in a custom trimmed trunk
Audiofrog A150.4D and A600.1D HiFI Class D Amplifiers

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