Focal Utopia M for Reference Sound Quality

We integrated into the OEM Burmester system to upgrade this vehicle into a true sound quality experience.

The Vision

We wanted to create an environment of rich, full sound that was of the highest quality without sacrificing the OEM look and build quality.

The Process

We integrated into the fiber optic network of the Burmester system and used two amplifiers to integrate our aftermarket speakers and subwoofer. We chose the Focal Utopia M series tweeters, 3.5″ midrange speakers, and 8″ woofers for the front stage of the vehicle. This was powered by a JL Audio VX800/8i amplifier with built in DSP for MAX tuning the system.  We used a JL Audio 10W6v3 subwoofer built into a custom enclosure in the side of the trunk.

The Timeline

We used the laser to cut custom mounts for the speakers on the first day and progressed from the front to the back.  It took about a week to complete this install and a day to tune the audio.

2020 Mercedes S550
2020 Mercedes S550 dash
Trunk view with JL Audio RD500/1 and VX600/6i amplifiers mounted in concealed areas
Focal Elite Utopia M 3.5WM speakers mounted in the upper door panels
Focal Elite Utopia M 8WM mounted in the factory driver side foot well
Focal Elite Utopia M 3.5WM mounted with laser cut acrylic
Focal Elite Utopia M 8WM mounted in passenger side foot well
Prepping fiberglass to build a custom subwoofer enclosure in the trunk
Custom subwoofer enclosure being test fitted in the trunk
Custom subwoofer enclosure for a JL Audio 10W6v3 subwoofer
JL Audio MAX tuning session

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