Redline Ci 360C



  • Type
    Custom Installed Radar Detection and Laser Protection
  • Protection
    The most advanced solution from the leaders in custom install radar detection and protection.
  • Radar
    Dual M14 antennas couples with Blackfin® DSP provide our best detection range and sensitivity ever
  • Laser
    Redesigned five-head VX Laser Shifters (supports up to 6) are 50% smaller and protect against all current laser guns
  • False Alerts
    Combined DSP and SDR technology offer outstanding filtering against CAS, BSM, and other false alert signals
  • Customize
    Choose exactly how you want your Redline Ci display and controller to be installed
  • Stealth Install
    Stay anonymous and discreet with the only true stealth performance against RDDs
  • App
    Connect to Drive Smarter® via Bluetooth and use dual-band Wi-Fi for OTA software updates

The Most Advanced Custom Install Solution from Escort

The ESCORT Redline Ci 360c is our most advanced custom install solution providing game-changing performance and unmatched intelligence. Get Redline’s legendary detection range, complete laser protection, and 100% stealth with customizable installation options that complement the look of your vehicle. Front and rear radar receivers and five all-new laser shifters that are 50% smaller are paired with industry-leading false alert filtering software for an incredibly quiet ride.