Our Story

Santa Fe Auto Sound team

Throughout its rich history, Santa Fe Auto Sound has always been on the cutting edge of custom car audio services in Kansas City, while providing the best customer service possible.

Santa Fe Auto Sound’s story began in 1967, when it was founded as Mid-Town Auto Sound, located at 54th and Troost in Kansas City, Mo.

Back then, most cars weren’t equipped with stereos, nor were they designed with spaces to place radios, tape players, speakers or antennas. Mid-Town Auto Sound quickly gained the reputation for installation work that other shops across the country did not have the knowledge, capability or experience to perform.

This led to Mid-Town Auto Sound performing extensive installation and car audio work for Kansas City car dealerships, and worked on imported vehicles such as MG, Triumph, Fiat, Porsche, Mercedes, Datsun and Mazda.

In 1977, Santa Fe Auto Sound was opened in Overland Park, giving the company a second retail location.  Five years later, Mid-Town Auto Sound was closed due to a decline in the area and the majority of customers going to the Overland Park store. Then in 1984, Mark & Vicky Scrivner purchased the company from Vicky’s parents, who were the original owners.

Throughout the 1980s and 1990s, Santa Fe Auto Sound continued to evolve alongside the car audio industry, which began to introduce auto security, remote start, marine audio and much more.

In 2000, Santa Fe Auto Sound finished a complete remodel of the building in an eye-catching “Santa Fe” Southwest theme. The shop was expanded to four installation bays, a state-of-the-art showroom and an expanded office area.

Today, Santa Fe Auto Sound continues to provide Kansas City with the latest car audio technologies and services, and prides itself on customizing each project to our customers’ specific needs.

Since the days of Mid-Town Auto Sound, we have seen the car audio industry change from radios and antennas to high-tech stereos and digital technologies, giving today’s car owners more options than ever before to personalize their vehicles.

We welcome change, and we can’t wait to see what’s next.