We Launched a New Website!

We Launched a New Website!

Attention all car enthusiasts! It’s now easier than ever to learn more about the products and services available at Kansas City’s premier destination for car audio parts and installation.

Being a staple of the KC vehicle audio community since the 70’s, Santa Fe Auto Sound and rode out every wave of car audio technology and stayed at the forefront.

Our System Got a Boost

Whether you’re a new visitor or you’ve worked with us before, we hope you’ll enjoy our engaging and stylistic website we built with the help of an award-winning website agency, Lifted Logic.

Walking through the web design process with their team allowed us to explore our creativity and be intentional with every color, word choice, and visual display on the site to create the best experience for users like you.

Our new website makes it possible for you to connect with our team and understand your service options like never before. From one easy place, you can:

During this process, we also had the Lifted Logic photo & video team come out to our shop for a shoot. It was an amazing experience and we’re excited for users to get a closer look into our historic space and what we do here.

This was a super unique project to be a part of and I’m so grateful to have worked on this site. The guys at Santa Fe Auto Sound are experts at what they do and a special piece of the Kansas City community!”

— Avery Tiefenthaler, Jr. Content Strategist at Lifted Logic

Take it for a Test Drive

Feel free to explore our website for more information or contact us today for more information about our services.

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