JL Audio




  • Type
    1" Component Tweeter (each)
  • Design
    Corundum Ceramic-Coated, Aluminum Dome
  • Nominal impedance
    4 Ω
  • Power Rating
    100 W
  • Frequency response
    3000-30,000 Hz
  • Sensitivity
    89.5 dB
  • Crossover
    None - Only For Active Use
  • Warranty
    1 Year

C7 is the pinnacle of JL Audio automotive loudspeaker design, benefiting from our most advanced development tools and a complete commitment to precision manufacturing.

The C7-100ct component tweeter is designed to deliver unparalleled high-frequency performance. Utilizing a corundum ceramic-coated aluminum alloy diaphragm suspended via a treated silk, s-roll surround, it provides spectacularly detailed reproduction of treble frequencies with outstanding off-axis response. Distortion and non-linearities have been minimized through critical optimization of dynamic motor and suspension behaviors.

Passive crossover networks are not included with C7 drivers, as they are designed for active systems. Instead, we recommend a high-quality tuning DSP, such as the JL Audio TwK® 88 or D8, or a VXi amplifier with built-in DSP, with a dedicated amplifier channel for each C7 loudspeaker in the system. Precise setup of equalization, delay and crossover filters will ensure optimal in-vehicle performance.