JL Audio




  • Type
    System Tuning DSP with Digital Optical Input
  • Outputs
    8-ch. Stereo RCA Outputs / 1 Digital Optical Output
  • Inputs
    All-digital, optical (Toslink) input connects directly to any digital (S/PDIF) output.
  • EQ
    10-band graphic an parametric full octave EQ
  • Filters
    Fully variable, high-pass and low-pass filters with selectable slopes from 6 dB/octave to 48 dB/octave (in 6 dB/octave increments)
  • Presets
    Individual EQs may be assigned to each output
  • Warranty
    2 Year

The TwK™ D8 is a state-of-the-art digital signal processor engineered to deliver world-class system tuning capabilities in an easy-to-use format.
Equipped with an advanced 24-bit DSP processor, the TwK™ D8 is equipped with a digital optical (Toslink) input and connects directly to our FiX™ 82 OEM Integration DSP, or any 2-channel digital (S/PDIF) output, to maintain an all-digital signal path. Control the TwK™ D8’s entire feature set by connecting it to your PC via USB, using the companion TüN™ 2.0 Software interface.