JL Audio CS112TG-TW3

JL Audio CS112TG-TW3

Product Description

In this sealed Truck PowerWedge™ subwoofer system, we harness the performance of the 12TW3 to deliver amazing sub-bass from an enclosure that is only 6.25 in. (159 mm) deep at its base and 4.1 in. (104 mm) at the top. This enclosure design has been carefully engineered to the optimum sealed enclosure alignment for the 12TW3 and has been fine-tuned through extensive real-world listening.


  • 12TW3-D4 Subwoofer
  • 2Ω Final Impedance
  • Slanted Truck Style Sealed Enclosure
  • Power Handling: 100-400 Watts RMS
  • High Grade MDF Construction
  • 2 Year Warranty
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