JL Audio 6W3v3-4

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JL Audio 6W3v3-4

Product Description

The JL Audio W3v3 series of subwoofers are the first in the JL lineup to be manufactured in the United States.  Available in 6", 8", 10", 12", and 13" sizes the W3v3 series provides a subwoofer for almost any application imaginable.  The W3v3s are available as raw drivers or in many pre-built enclosure applications from JL Audio.  Made in the USA.


  • Small-format subwoofer that really delivers in extremely small enclosures
  • Power Handling: 50w - 150w RMS
  • Enclosure: 0.15 cu.ft. sealed or 0.25 cu.ft. ported
  • Mounting Depth: 4.25"
  • 1 Year Warranty
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