Compustar Pro P2WR3-SS

Compustar Pro P2WR3-SS

Product Description

Remote start systems save valuable time and keep you comfortable in the winter and summer.  Warm up your car and defrost the windshield  before you even walk out the door.  In the summer you can be cool instead of melting in the hot summer heat.  Most newer cars will also need a transponder bypass adapter to allow the remote start system to integrate into your vehicle.  1 way and 2 way systems are available.  The 1-way system simply sends a signal from the remote to the car.  A 2-way system will send a signal from the car back to the remote to confirm the car started, among other things.  Check with a sales representative to find out what parts are needed for your car.


  • Up to 2 Mile range (line of sight)
  • 2-Way with visual LED and audible confirmation
  • 1 multi-function button for lock, unlock, and remote start
  • System includes two 2-way remotes
  • Also available as alarm system or remote start & alarm combo
  • PRO series remotes include 3 year warranty on the remote with limited lifetime warranty on the installation.

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