Escort Passport 9500ci

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Escort Passport 9500ci

Product Description

The Passport 9500ci takes radar and laser warning to the next level.  This discreet custom installed system not only detects radar and laser, but gives you protection from laser with two front laser shifters.  The laser shifters have been upgraded to the Laser Shifter Pro transceivers which provide the ultimate protection against targeting laser guns.  With their new GPS technology, the 9500ci learns as you drive and eliminates false alarms.  Additionally, the updatable Defender Database knows where the safety cameras are located and will warn you before you enter their zone.  You can also mark your own locations along the way.


  • Works with Escort's Defender® Database for thousands of safety camera locations throughout North America
  • Mark your own locations manually for personalized warning
  • Precise laser shifters offer front and rear of the vehicle that shift all incoming laser.
  • Professional Installation is highly recommended