What we mean when we say, “Everything we do is custom.”

Posted in FYI on December 17, 2012 by Adam
What we mean when we say, “Everything we do is custom.”

“Everything we do is custom.”  That seem almost like a cliché, or corporate buzz phrase, but it is how we approach every job.  The phrase actually came about innocently enough.  We were in the middle of a company meeting discussing custom labor jobs and estimating appropriate completion time and the like when one of our employees, Scott, pointed out that the term “custom labor” is a bit misleading. 

He said, “Every job we do is custom.  The products may be the same but the cars, the customers, and how they use them on a daily basis is different in every single instance.  So really, everything we do is custom.”
The way he verbalized this concept was so simple and so accurate that we all kind of just sat there quiet for a moment processing what he said.  Once it sank in, we all agreed this concept should be at the center of how we approach every customer that walks through our door.

Let’s look at an example.  Let’s say we have 3 customers all with 2011 GMC Yukons.  Customer 1 is a real estate agent who travels all over the city showing properties to clients.  He is also on the phone constantly.  In his Yukon he wants an easy to use GPS navigation system and a nice Bluetooth hands-free set-up to make his life easier.  Customer 2 is parents of 3 children with family all over the Midwest.  Their family is always traveling to see family at various holidays so they want a system to keep the kids entertained in the back, and Mom and Dad entertained in the front.  They are looking for a system that can control all of their A/V needs in the car and they want navigation for when they are out of town.  Customer 3 is looking for a top notch audio system in his Yukon.  He wants very high performance, a lot of connectivity options for all of his different music playback devices, and he wants it to look very sleek in the dash of his car.
As we take the time to talk to all 3 customers we realize they are trying to accomplish very different things that are specific to how they use their vehicles.  We come to the conclusion that in all three cases a Kenwood DNX-9990HD would work well as the source unit in each system.

For our real-estate agent the Garmin based navigation will be perfect as an accurate easy to use solution.  The built in Bluetooth will keep his hands on the wheel as he conducts business on a daily basis.  As an added bonus, we can even convert one of the buttons on his steering wheel to answer phone calls when they are received. 

For our young family the DNX-9990HD’s audio video switching options are great.  We also set them up with an overhead DVD monitor system that can play DVDs in the player overhead or display the video output from the Kenwood unit up front.  The Kenwood has the ability to send audio and video from an iPod or iPhone, USB thumb drive, DVD or an external video source like an Xbox or PlayStation to the rear monitor.  We also add SiriusXm Satellite radio for Mom and Dad to enjoy up front, especially on those long trips to Grandma’s.  We are also able to add a back-up camera to the system to minimize the chance of running over a kids’ bicycle in the driveway.

Our high performance audio system customer loves the dual USB input the DNX-9990HD offers.  He can now connect a 128GB thumb drive that contains all of his music.  He can use the second USB input to charge his Android phone as well as use the Bluetooth audio source to stream music from his favorite apps.  The built in DSP with equalizer, crossovers and digital time alignment give him all the options he needs to dial in his system to its maximum performance level.    He can also use the high voltage preamp output to drive the 3 amplifiers he has purchased to drive his custom built kick panel speakers and his subwoofer system.

Because we believe every job we do is custom we are able to provide solutions to all kinds of shortcomings in factory installed systems.  Even though our three customers all have the same vehicle and ended up buying the same source unit, they all use their system in drastically different ways.  That is the beauty of “everything we do is custom”.  Every one of our clients is “custom” and we believe the only way to really address what the customer wants is to find out how each person intends to use their system.  You can buy products in boxes anywhere, but you will only find a custom system from Santa Fe Auto Sound here.