Our New Website!

Posted in FYI on November 13, 2012 by Scott
Our New Website!

Welcome to the new santafeautosound.com!  We appreciate you taking time to stop by and check out our website.  I’d like to give you a little background for what you will see at the new site.  Our previous site had been online since late 2004.  Apart from a change in back end format and added content in the form of new install pictures, new manufacturers we carried, and new product categories the site stayed pretty much unchanged on your end of the screen for about 8 years. 

iPodPause and think about that for just a moment.  In 2004 hardly anyone had even heard of Bluetooth hands free calling.  We were just on the cusp of people realizing that they needed a way to listen to that new-fangled portable music player from the Cupertino Fruit Company in their vehicles.  And I can only imagine the blank stares I would have gotten in response to suggesting remote starting your car from your smartphone.

At that time there were still quite a few retailers (especially in our industry) that did not have websites at all.  A lot that did have their own sites were little more than contact information and a list of manufacturers that they carried.  We wanted our original website to be more than that.  We included pictures of the work we did and expanded that as we did more.  We provided information about the types of products you could put in your car to make it more convenient, enjoyable, and uniquely yours.  We updated a News and Events page that let our visitors know about sales, events, and sometimes just the day to day happenings around our shop.  We were really proud of our first website.  It was clean, polished, and there was a lot of good content.   In my very biased opinion, it was a great website for a car audio retailer in 2004.

As we moved forward in years, however, it became apparent to us that it was time to give our site a major overhaul.  It seemed businesses from all fields had become aware of the importance of a strong web presence.  You could get more information online than ever before.  New ways to interact with people and businesses became the norm (see Facebook and Twitter), and while our presence online was decent, we wanted it to be better.  As a general rule, “good enough” doesn’t fly around here and that is when we really dug in and looked at making our website great again.

We decided early on in the process of redesigning our site that we wanted our web experience to mirror the experience we offer in the store in as many ways as possible.  We want our website to be a window into our store for our customers in order for them to visit us 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at their convenience. 

Here you will find detailed product information from the manufacturers we carry.  Not only that, but we focus on products that (for the most part) you can come listen to, play with, and see in our store.  We have greatly expanded our vehicle gallery. We encourage you to spend time there and check out some of the really cool things that can be done to your vehicle.  We have also linked vehicles to products to blog posts and vice versa.  That way if you are interested in a particular product you can easily find other products that relate.  Are you really digging a particular install?  Check out the links on the right and get more information about the products we used.   We added a blog in order to open another line of communication with our visitors.  At the blog you will find new product information, be able to track a vehicle build, see what’s happening around the shop and discussions that relate to what we do every day.  The site automatically scales to whatever device you may be using.  It is designed to properly fit your smartphone, 7” tablet, 10” tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.    These are just a few of the updates and changes we made in order to provide you with an experience unlike anything else you will find on a car audio retailer’s website.

So again, welcome to the new santafeautosound.com.  We hope you enjoy your time spend on our site.  Check back often as we will continually update the install gallery, new products, specials, and the blog section.  If there are any questions about our business, products or services we encourage you to contact us.  As always, we’d love your feedback. 
Thanks for stopping by!