New Remote Start Systems From Compustar

New Remote Start Systems From Compustar

One of the most important aspects of a product like a remote start system is the user interface (i.e. the remote control you hold in your hand.)  Sure, installation quality is paramount to functionality and long term reliability.  The hardware is critical as well.  But as the end user the thing you use all the time, touch every day, and generally identify as “the remote start” is the controller.

Compustar has introduced a revamped line of controllers for the 2012-2013 winter, or as it’s known around here, remote start season.   The Compustar Pro lineup has been totally overhauled by introducing three completely new controllers.  Compustar Pro is Compustar’s premier line of remote start and security systems.  They are only sold through an exclusive network of specialist dealers that have extensive training and experience.  The Pro controllers feature a 2-year warranty, as well as a lifetime warranty on the “brain” of the system.  And like all of our installations, our remote start installs are backed by Santa Fe Auto Sound’s lifetime installation warranty. 

The mile range P2W901-SS rechargeable LCD 2-way system carries over and is supported by the P2W902-SP which is an LED based 2 way system with 3000’ of range and a very factory feeling remote.  The P1WG7-SP is a one-way system also with 3000’ range and features a water resistant 4 button remote.  And rounding out the Pro line this year is the compact P1B-SH.  This is a one button remote with 2000’ of range.

In addition to the Pro line, Compustar has introduced a completely new product called SLICE.  This is an ultra-thin 2-way LED 4 button remote that is molded in a sleek white package.   In addition to being striking cosmetically, the system boasts a 4000’ range, making it the second longest range in the entire Compustar line.

compustar pro p2w901ss remote start     compustar pro p2w902sp remote start     Compustar pro p1wg7 remote start     Compustar Pro P1BSH remote start     Compustar Slice remote start

The popular Drone Mobile smartphone remote start system carries on as well.  Now in its second generation, Drone offers complete vehicle control and tracking (if premium plan is purchased) from your smartphone or any computer with internet access.  You can pair the Drone (or any of the controllers for that matter) with the EZGO hands-free keyless entry accessory for the ultimate in convenience.

compustar Drone Mobile remote start     compustar ezgo keyless hands free entry

Check out our remote start page for more information or contact one of our specialists for a specific quote for your vehicle today!