Apples to Apples

Posted in FYI on December 14, 2013 by Scott
Apples to Apples

This time of year we receive a lot of inquiries about remote start systems.  Partly this is because of the cold weather and this is also the time of year you see ads and coupons and deals for remote starts saying things like, “Remote Starts! $159* Installed!”  The asterisk is where you need to pay attention and read the fine print.
When you are getting a price quote for a remote start install for your vehicle you need to be sure you are comparing apples to apples.  We recently saw an offer that read pretty much exactly what is listed above.  The asterisk directed you to the fine print at the bottom of the page that said this:
*most vehicles require additional parts and labor.  Door locks $40, Trunk $40, bypass module $120. 
So that means if your car is newer than about 1993, and you only want to carry around 1 remote control, a remote start system would cost you AT LEAST $359.  And that was the “on sale” price.
When we quote a remote start price we always ask what type of vehicle you have first.  We then find out what parts will be required for the installation to make it as seamless as possible to work with your vehicle.  We then quote you a complete system that includes the system, any additional parts that are required, and the labor to install the system so you know exactly what your remote start system will cost you.
Remote start systems are like most things.  If the price seems too good to be true, it probably is.