Advanced Sound Quality Training

Posted in FYI on October 19, 2013 by Scott
Advanced Sound Quality Training

We recently had the opportunity for David and Adam to attend Mobile Soundstage Engineering’s Advanced Sound Quality Seminar in Bixby, OK.  Mobile Sound Stage Engineering (MSE) is run by veteran car audio competitor and industry veteran Mark Eldridge.  Mark is one of the most experienced and winning competitors in the history of car audio sound quality competitions.  The Advanced Sound Quality Seminar is an intensive 16 hour course designed to teach attendees the fundamentals of designing, building, and tuning extremely high performance car audio systems with special emphasis of the sound quality aspect of the system’s performance. 

We covered things like:
• How the human hearing system works
• How music is recorded
• How the car itself affects the listening environment
• How to design a system for different listeners
• How to account for the charging system of the vehicle
• How to utilize different techniques and equipment to tune a system to its highest performance level

It was an absolutely fantastic class and we learned a ton!  We find it very important that our staff stays up to date with installation techniques, tools and technology.  By staying on the forefront of these things we can provide our customers with knowledge and experience that is exclusive to a specialist in this industry. Having knowledge and understanding of these types of high level installation techniques we can incorporate the concepts and fundamentals in everything from a full blown sound quality installation to a basic OEM speaker replacement.  We will continue to stay up to date on training like the MSE seminar because we feel it gives us the tools to best provide our customers with a premium installation.